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Great deals on stuff for pet birds!
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Calliemonster [userpic]

Hi everyone, I am the [semi] new maintainer of this community and I'd love to have it started up again!

I will be promoting it soon in parrot_lovers, so hopefully I can scrounge up some new members. Feel free to promote in your own journal as well.

Heres to *hoping* that we can revitalize this community!

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My friend that has a Timmon uses this as a treet. http://store.worldpetstore.com/viafpafo.html

Vitakraft African Parrot Food

Vitakraft African Parrot Food w/ Figs & Carob for all African parrots such as the African grey parrot. Vitakraft African Parrot Food brings the wide range of nutrients offered by the mountain forests and savannahs of Central Africa into the bird's bowl, a mixture of cereals with dates, figs, cucumber seeds and carob beans, carefully calorie-controlled to prevent obesity.

Net Wt. 750
she said it is a good price. Just passing it along.

::The Crab:: [userpic]

Visit Birdie Boutique online and SAVE 15% OFF Everything. Just be sure to use special coupon code hatch06 when you checkout. This coupon code expires April 10th.

If you live in the bay area you can get HQ cages cheap by picking them up from the warehouse in Milpitas. I'm going to be getting this cage for less then $80. They also give discounts for paying in cash and for being a Mickaboo volunteer.

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::The Crab:: [userpic]

"New Stuff & Specials" for APRIL 2006
"A Birds Favorite Toy is the Toy They Can Destroy!"

Happy Friday Everyone!
We have lots of new toys and FREE toy specials for April
Plus more closeout specials and a terrific new product for breeders
Have a wonderful weekend!
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Erin Hoffman [userpic]

Passing this along from a friend -- looks like a great cage!


Crossposted to a couple of parrot communities.

Calliemonster [userpic]

I found some pretty cool types of toys from this site, wasn't sure if they were spectacular deals persay, but I'm sure that they aren't too expensive, and they look like a ton of fun! ^^
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::The Crab:: [userpic]

Birds Just Wanna Have Fun Deals!

Wood Blocks, Plastic Straw Beads, Paulie Rope, Chrome-Plated Toy Hangers and SkewersCollapse )

Sale prices are good through Tuesday, January 10, 2006.

::The Crab:: [userpic]

Hello! I created this community because I always want to share all the great parrot deals I come across, but I don't want to clog up parrot_lovers with a whole bunch of sale codes and stuff like that. Of course I also don't want to miss out on those parrot deals that I haven't come across yet! For those of you who don't know me I have an african grey named Sebastian and a Citron Cockatoo named Tara. Right now my favorite places to get cheap parrot toys is The Squawk Store and Rose's Pet Emporium. Right now Bird Safe is having a sale- 15% off toys and 10% off toy parts.

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