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Parrot deals... because parrots aren't cheep!

Great deals on stuff for pet birds!
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Welcome to parrot_deals!

Parrots can be very expensive to keep! Let's help each other out by listing the parrot deals we find here. Store sales, sale codes, great deals on craigslist, or even ideas about stuff you've found at the local craft store and make toys with. You may also post parrot-related items that you have for sale! Etsy and ebay-ers are welcome! [Please do remember that the maintainers of parrot_deals have no connections with personal sales, and do not endorse anyone personally] You can also post reviews about bird products you have bought. Which ones were worth the money and which ones weren't?

When you post please try to include in the subject line the product, the store or location for the item, and/or any other information that seems relevant. This way people can just skip the deals they are not interested in. Please do not post about birds for sale. You may post about that in parrot_lovers or make a community for selling birds. This community is only for deals on bird related items, not deals on birds themselves.

If you have more than one picture or the picture is large please put it behind a cut. If you have any questions or problems please contact the maintainer at crystalinemacaw at hotmail dot com.

When you join please feel free to introduce yourself, your birds, and tell us where you find some of your best parrot deals. Thank you!