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Great deals on stuff for pet birds!
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::The Crab:: [userpic]
Birdie Boutique and HQ cages

Visit Birdie Boutique online and SAVE 15% OFF Everything. Just be sure to use special coupon code hatch06 when you checkout. This coupon code expires April 10th.

If you live in the bay area you can get HQ cages cheap by picking them up from the warehouse in Milpitas. I'm going to be getting this cage for less then $80. They also give discounts for paying in cash and for being a Mickaboo volunteer.

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Man I wish I was in the bay area and not in Oregon! I really want to get a flight cage like that for the budgies!

Hopefully Ill be able to get Fiji a bigger cage morelike bloolark Has for her two! Then the flight cage Fiji has could go to them!

Windy City Parrot is offering that flight cage right now for $99, shipped. [Within the US, anyway.]

Ordinarily it's $129, shipped, which is still cheaper. If you don't live in the area, might want to check WCP instead.